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How to raise awareness of environmental protection?

Currently, modern life is growing increasingly; material and spirit life of the people is increasingly improved, however, in opposition to it, environmental pollution is more complicated. Environmental pollution is a problem not only for the region, which are everywhere, rural and urban, mountainous and coastal region, both the water and the air sources…

environmental protection

Harmful effects of environmental pollution

  • Effect badly on cardiovascular
  • Increase risk of cancer
  • Affect the brain
  • Cause infertility in men
  • Affects the lungs
  • Affect the ecological environment

Increasingly polluted environment, the machinery has been produced to combat pollution adversely affects human health, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers. These are also two of the devices which mostly used to deal with increasing air pollution. However, this is only a temporary deal; to reduce pollution, it is required the consciousness of the people in the process of protecting and improving the environment.

How to raise awareness of environmental protection with the student

To overcome the above consequences, it needs for a long time continuously, now and costly effort and money. Consequently, environmental protection should start by educating the sense of environmental protection, especially for pupils and students. Currently, education awareness, equipped with knowledge on environmental protection in schools is not focused properly in many countries; protecting the environment has not been considered as a subject at the high school level, except some universities and colleges have specialized courses on the environment. This department is integrated only in biology, civics, geography and some extracurricular lessons. Some environmental contest was held in the school, in general, still laden form. Therefore, awareness of environmental protection does not clearly form in students.

environmental protection Education

Education to environmental protection awareness in schools is effective, when environmental education cannot be a class, they need to educate students starting the job, the smallest actions such as planting and care of trees; school hygiene; organizes environmental forum for students to participate in a democratic manner; educate students consciously save energy such as electricity and water, encourage students with creative ideas to recycle garbage…

Along with the integration of environmental protection knowledge in lectures, teachers should set an example for students to protect the environment, encourage students to self-monitor the environmental protection of each other, which is reminds, commended timely actions, environmentally friendly operations. The universities also issue specific rules on the protection of environmental landscape in class, school, street, shelter … bring awareness of environmental protection as a criteria for evaluation and ranking types of teachers, pupils and students.

How to raise awareness of environmental protection for the citizen

Everyone has the right and obligation to participate in this journey, irrespective of caste status in society, men and women, rich and poor, young and old, race or skin color. From urban to rural, rich or homeless … are equal in the journey to save the earth.

The message of home to save must be improved and spread around the world, with the call for all humanity. We must ask the mass media, calling on service providers to support communications. Instead of just advertising and presentation of entertainment, the network can send greener message, images of the earth and scenarios future will occur.

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Newspapers and radio stations should also relentless propaganda campaign, quickly up the posters, banners, and signs calling for people broadly. The network expresses its role, send green message to all people, instead of advertising, promotion messages. In school, we should take these lessons into the curriculum, knowledge of environmental protection and education of children in a scientific and practical way than far-fetched theory lessons with children. In organizations, protecting the environment should be taken as one of the criteria for operations and development.

Waste is a big problem in residential areas and wards, which needs to strictly implement the classification of waste at home. In addition, the mass organizations, enterprises should also be policies implemented strictly and in response, advocacy and urged officials and employees to join such organization raising funds for environmental protection, turn off unnecessary appliances and limitations in the use of air conditioning or air conditioning. We can also mobilize the entire population with the greening of the earth to plant trees on every meter of land can, call consciousness in the use of plastic bags and other items affecting the environment…

environmental protection in school

Education of awareness of environmental protection in schools is one of the important measures to help people to love nature, to understand the importance of the environment to life and more to know how to take care, keep operating green planet.

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